• SCAF Youth Center organised campaign actions on 1 August 2015 (concerts, film screening, photo exhibitions, ext.) to celebrate the fifth anniversary of entry into force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions; These cultural and sporting events will hopefully contribute to the «Stop Explosive Investments» campaign to increase pressure on banks and other financial institutions to disinvest from producers of cluster munitions and activity to promote government legislation prohibiting investment in producers of cluster munitions.
  • See as follows some mass media links that advertized our 1st of August event:
  • http://afisha.tut.by/concert/vsemirnyy_koncert/
  • http://ultra-music.com/events/25214
  • http://extremal.by/afisha/kontserty/mir-bez-min/
  • http://vkevent.ru/event6561289

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