Civic Education
In co-operation with Belarusian Ministry of Education, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dutch NGO Educaplan SCAF carried out Matra Civic Education project. Through this project new civic education curricula for secondary schools and in-service training institutes was developed, new civic teaching methodologies based on principles of freedom, independence and co-operation were introduced, teams of teachers and school leaders
were trained and independent civic education consultants’ network was established. The project also resulted in the International Conference on Civic Education and publication of the book «Dalton Methodology: History. Principles. Organisation» (1999). The project has been further continued in 1999-2005 with a focus on students community out-reached research and civic participation projects.
Community-Based Curriculum for Confidence-Building Inter-Ethnic Education in Belarus
In co-operation with the National Institute of Education, National Association for Educational Innovations, Committee on Nationalities and Religions, the Council of Europe and NGOs representing ethnic minority groups in Belarus SCAF has developed community-based curriculum and methodologies for confidence-building inter-ethnic education in Belarus (2001-2005). The project has resulted in the national dissemination conference and also the publications of “Student-Oriented Methodologies in Confidence-Building Inter-Ethnic Education in Belarus”, “About History and Culture of Ethnic Minorities in Belarus”, “Students’ Projects Aimed at Inter-Ethnic Confidence-Building”.
Violence and Terrorism Prevention
In co-operation with the EC, CoE and Texas University SCAF administers an international survey to Belarus students to diagnose their attitudes towards violence and terrorism and conducts projects in Belarus schools and communities aimed at violence prevention.  SCAF participates in the experts’ meetings at the Council of Europe aimed at development the new programs on violence prevention in Europe. SCAF has published a guidebook for students, teachers and parents “Learning to Live Together: Prevention of Violence in School and Society”.
Democratization and Decentralization of Education
SCAF conducts research on democratization and decentralization of Belarus educational system, develops corresponding country reports and contributes to the publications of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI), European Forum on Educational Administration (EFEA), European Network for Improving Research and Development in Educational Management (ENIRDEM).
SCAF most recent educational research has resulted in publications: «Third Millennium Schools: A World of Difference in Effectiveness and Improvement» (Holland,), «Adult Education in Belarus», “Selecting and Developing Heads of Schools” (UK), “Actual and Desired Levels of Participation in Educational Decision Making”, “Educational Stake Holders Empowerment”, “The Role of Civil Society in Educational Decision-Making” ), “Centralization and Decentralization in Education” (Moscow), “Promoting Democracy Through Students’ Community Outreached Projects” (Minsk),
Educational Leadership Development
In co-operation with Umea University, Sweden and Belarus National Institute of Education SCAF has developed an innovative curriculum and model for training educational leaders and promoting of democratic leadership in schools. SCAF also published two books on Educational Leadership in Belarus (2001,2003) and organized international conferences «School Leaders’ Development in Belarus: in Search of a New Model» (2001 and 2003).
UNESCO «Education for All» Program
In 2002 SCAF educational experts represented CIS countries at the meeting with UNESCO G8 Task Force with civil society on identifying priorities in meeting the goals of  «Education for All» Program.  SCAF experts also actively collaborate with the Belarus National Institute of Education and UNESCO International Bureau of Education in Geneva in promoting UNESCO “Education for All” agenda in the Russian speaking region.
Promotion of Belarus Rock Music
SCAF organizes regular forums that involve musicians,  producers, media, FM and TV companies  and also government representatives to create more space for  young musicians’ self-realization and the development of high quality rock music in Belarus. Through music concerts thousands of young people can be reached out and European values promoted in Belarus.

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